The 40 Week Total Immersion Filmmaking Program is the destination for students who are ready to turn their aspirations into reality. The program provides a comprehensive foundation in all aspects of filmmaking. For ten intense months, students live, eat, breathe filmmaking - in class and on the set. 

Intimate class size, personal attention and a hands-on teaching approach are the hallmarks of the Total Immersion Filmmaking Program. At graduation, students have transformed their dreams and passions into a career start - an internship, a job in film or video, or a gig directing their first independent film. Intensity and practical experience is the heart of what students are offered in the 40 Week Total Immersion FIlmmaking Program. 

Enroll for the next 40 Week Program Today.

OPEN HOUSE and Student Film Screening, Wed. Sept. 10th, 2014, 5:30pm-8:30pm.

NOW accepting applications until September 15th, 2014!

Call (864) 551-1965  for more info.



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